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How Often Should a Gas Furnace Be Serviced?

During colder months, gas furnace servicing is important to keep your home warm and livable. If your furnace is not functioning properly, you could end up with no heat or carbon monoxide filling your home. Fortunately, a professional like Pioneer Mechanical LLC can identify and solve any problems with our high-quality furnace repair and installation if needed. When a heating system is not maintained, it will cost you more on your energy bill and will ultimately lead to costly repairs.

A properly maintained gas furnace should last many years. Annual furnace maintenance is important. This will allow the HVAC technician to check the fuel pressure and flow to the burners. You should also have your burners cleaned at least once a year as well. A dirty burner increases your fuel usage by up to 10%.

It is recommended that you call a professional for a furnace tune-up. However, if you are planning to do this on your own, you will need to shut off the power to your furnace and remove the combustion chamber door. You will then vacuum the interior of the chamber and clean the burners with a cloth.

The Benefits of an Annual Furnace Inspection

An older furnace can be a potential danger because of a leaking gas valve, or perhaps a carbon monoxide leak. Routine maintenance, especially before you have to run your furnace, can save you from the potential harm of a natural gas or carbon monoxide leak.

Vent blocks should’ve checked for a build-up of carbon monoxide. If you notice a burning smell, you should evacuate your home immediately. If you are not sure if your gas furnace is safe, contact the fire department.

Prevent Costly Future Expenses

Proper maintenance can also help save on larger, more expensive furnace repairs down the road. A maintenance plan generally includes an annual furnace inspection. Unattended problems and lack of furnace cleaning caused by neglecting furnace service can lead to larger problems and may cause the need for furnace replacement. A new furnace can be quite pricey. Even having to replace a part such as a blower motor can run you several hundred dollars.

Energy Efficiency

A properly maintained gas furnace will work at its optimal level, saving you money on your energy bill. But not all furnaces are created equal, and neither are all HVAC technicians. If you are in need of furnace repair, call Pioneer Mechanical LLC. We have years of experience to make sure you get the proper furnace maintenance service. 

How Often Should Your Gas Furnace be Serviced? 

There you have it. Your furnace should be serviced AT LEAST once per year. Though we recommend having it checked in Spring and Fall to ensure that all worn parts are checked. This ensures safety for you and your family, and energy efficiency to protect your wallet. 

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